It’s About Balance

“Zen By Numbers” - Helping Businesses and the people who run them achieve Zen through Balanced Bookkeeping!

We’re in the business of building your business success – without any added stress! At Balanced Bookkeeping we bring order, and balance – to your books, to your business and to your life

TRUST, CALM, REASSURANCE and BALANCE might not be words typically associated with business or accounting, but at Balanced Bookkeeping that’s what we offer our clients, a perfect balance between sound financial expertise and supportive business and accounting practices that together will ensure your business success. At Balanced Bookkeeping you will:


Our team’s cumulative 20+ years of experience, having worked in two Top Ten accounting firms and in private practice supporting business and entrepreneurs just like you!

Be Calm

Knowing that we offer full cycle accounting services. This means everything from day to day bookkeeping, payroll, bank reconciliations, HST and WSIB to year end reporting, All services are cloud-based, done on time, accurately and in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

Experience Reassurance

Every step of the way because we don’t just provide accounting, we provide peace of mind. Additionally, Budgeting and Advisory services are all part of our range of packages and services offered in support of growing businesses. Our people-centred approach means you’re guaranteed someone at the other end of the line to answer your questions. That’s what our team is here for.

Achieve Balance

We’ll help you balance your books, and balance your life! Running a business is hard work. Understanding your finances shouldn’t be. With cloud based, virtual online services we offer clients a full range of accounting services with ease. Don’t take time away from your customers and clients by gathering paperwork, looking for files or stressing about payroll. Our online support takes the pressure off you, allowing you more time to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

More people skills, fewer calculations! At Balanced Bookkeeping, we help balance your books with a people-centred approach to your business success! Ask us how we help our clients calculate their ZEN!

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