Bookkeeping Services

We provide professional bookkeeping and tax preparation services with a personal touch. We provide your business with experts who can manage your bookkeeping requirements remotely or in person, without the expense or hassle of hiring an on-site bookkeeper.


Accounting & Tax Services

Whatever your tax filing needs are, our taxation experts always have you covered.  We understand that filing personal, business and corporate income tax can be overwhelming and we can help


Administrative Support Services

Managing everyday business administration  duties can be stressful. You can reduce this burden by outsourcing these tedious administrative duties to our administrative support professionals.

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Corporate Bookkeeping Services

Often we hear from new clients that finding a reliable and knowledgeable corporate bookkeeper is hard to find.

We’ll help you get setup on the right package to help you manage your corporate bookkeeping needs. You can rest assured knowing our corporate bookkeepers will take care of your payroll, bank and credit reconciliation and cheque printing needs, eliminating late penalty fees.

Your monthly financial reports will be professionally prepared and reviewed with you to ensure you’re always aware of your corporation's current finances.

Audit Preparation Services

Proper preparation is the key to a successful audit.  Inadequate preparation can cause delays in reporting, excessive audit fees, penalties, non-compliance with regulations and embarrassment.

The independent auditor is responsible for the audit, however, the preparation is still the business owner’s responsibility.

Our audit preparation experts will help you be prepared for your audit by:

  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Managing the audit process and outside auditor communications
  • Bank reconciliation and general ledger accounts
  • Preparing schedules required by the outside auditor
  • Preparing financial statements
Bookkeeping Orangeville Cloud Bookkeeping Cloud Accounting

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